College Programs

Human Resource Management

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Human Resource Management Program is designed for students who intend to have a career in Human Resource Development. It also aims to train the students in recruitment staffing, training, and career development.


The Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship Program develops and helps aspiring entrepreneurs acquire the knowledge and skills, values, and attitudes in the fields of Business Development and Corporate Planning, as well as in government and non-government organization.

Information Technology

The BS Information Technology (BSIT) Program focuses on the mastery of utilization of computer hardware and software which will enable students to provide the necessary computing solutions to meet the needs of the industry and government.

The Bachelor of Arts in Communication Program provides an introduction and excellent trainings to Quad-Media-television, Radio, Print and the Internet. It molds young minds to be responsible, value-laden, and competent future communication professionals and practitioners.