Home Study Program

The Home Study Program (HSP) is the perfect venue that caters to the academic needs of those who cannot be in school on a regular basis brought about by health constraints or some occupation as those of actors, artists or others.

Each learner is given flexible access to education custom-fit to his or her varying conditions. Functional programs, as the HSP, are emerging as new frontiers in meeting the needs of the growing population of learners with unique needs in both the young and the adults.

UST Angelicum College has adopted the Department of Education-NCR HSP in 1996, extending education to youth and adults who cannot be physically present in learning environments, which also include cases of those suffering chronic illnesses, those who are employed, or are already married, and even those who have exceeded the normal schooling age but need to complete their secondary education.

HSP allows learners to study at home at their own time and pace while tests for validation of their skills and mastery are provided in the presence of actual monitors.

UST Angelicum College, recognized for its unique system of education, commits itself in producing excellent leaders, shaped in a non-graded system of learning that nurtures their uniqueness. It is the only Catholic institution in the Philippines that is self-paced and non-graded, challenging the landscape of the Philippine educational system.

Enrollment starts anytime and ends in ten months, or earlier, depending on the learner’s pace. He or she may then enroll for the next level and begin another curriculum year as soon as lessons are mastered.

Program Highlights

Synchronous e-Learning
A real time learning approach with the subject learning facilitator.

Blended Learning Approach
Integrates learning experiences in online and face-to-face environments (interaction with subject learning facilitators)

Preliminary Intensive Individualized Instruction Program
Designed for learners with learning and behavioral difficulties. It serves as a transient to acquire the necessary skills essential for learning through the regular Home Study Program.

Hands-on Classes (Speech, Computer, Physical Education& Health, Music, TLE and Science Laboratory)
Scheduled hands-on classes for three consecutive Saturdays provide interaction, cooperative learning, practice and more in-depth study of each subject.

Benefits of Home-Schooling

  • Control what your child learns and when he or she learns it
  • Show your child that learning is not boring, but exciting
  • Build intimate and meaningful relationship with your child
  • Tailor-fit your teaching to suit your child’s dominant learning styles
  • Give your child in-depth, personal attention in any subject
  • Create a weekly schedule that fits your needs and one that allows you to do things without the constraint of a traditional classroom schedule
  • Transfer your value and beliefs to your child and address his or her questions at once
  • Protect your child from the negative influences he or she may encounter outside the home
  • Teach more effectively by interacting with your child one-on-one
  • Nurture your child’s natural (musical, artistic, mathematic) talents so he or she thrives and grows.