College Department Scholarship Program

The college values excellence and academic performance of students and shall grant the following scholarship programs in the college department:

Entry Scholars

Discount on tuition fee shall be given to graduates with honor who enroll officially at the college:

  • UST Angelicum graduates:
    1. General excellence - 100% on tuition fee for one semester
  • Graduates from other schools:
    1. Valedictorian - 100% on tuition fee for one semester
    2. Salutatorian - 50% on tuition fee for one semester

Student Assistantship Program

The UST Angelicum College Student Assistantship Program is offered to provide accessible college education to intellectually capable but financially challenged students of UST Angelicum College. Deserving students are given opportunity to pursue college by hiring them as student assistants or working scholars in various departments of the institution.


  1. The SAP is open to bonafide students of the College. Disqualification from enrollment anytime in accordance with the rules and regulations shall automatically mean disqualification from the program.
  2. Applicant shall qualify based on the following criteria:
    1. General ability to perform work requirement
    2. Good academic standing (must not have a grade of EP or incomplete)
    3. Good moral conduct
    4. Indigent (as evidenced by the Income Tax Return of Parents)

Benefits and Privileges

Student Assistants enjoy the following benefits and privileges:

  • 100% tuition fee, miscellaneous, and various fees
  • Personal and professional development activities


  1. The agreement is valid only by semester without prejudice to renewal every succeeding semester until the Student Assistant shall have finished his course provided that he complies with the requirements of the SAP.
  2. To afford the Student Assistant sufficient time for his regular studies, duty schedule shall be based on the vacant hours of the SA. Student assistants are required to render 30 hours a week or 6 hours daily. In case the SA failed to complete the number of hours rendered due to conflict in class schedule, SA shall render additional work hours during semestral/summer break.

Retention Policy

  1. The Student Assistant must carry the number of units required in a regular semester in his/her chosen undergraduate course.
  2. He/She must not have Incomplete (INC) or Expected Performance (EP). Any failing mark shall mean disqualification in the program.
  3. Appraisal rating of performance should be at least Satisfactory based on the assessment of the department head.
  4. The Student Assistant should not have been subjected to any disciplinary action.
  5. The Student Assistant should have performed the duties and responsibilities given to him/her.
  6. The Student Assistant must be in good health.