The Seal of UST Angelicum College

The seal of UST Angelicum College is made up of two circles with the outer circle enclosing the inner circle. The upper half of the outer circle bears the name of UST Angelicum College, while the lower half of it has the words “Quezon City” and the institution’s foundation year “1972” below it.

In the inner circle, the seal of UST Angelicum College is present. The seal was a combination of Angelicum College’s preceding seal and University of Santo Tomas, Manila’s present-day seal. The seal is quartered by the Dominican Cross on which is superimposed the sun of St. Thomas Aquinas, Doctor of the Church, patron saint of UST Angelicum College, and after whom the University of Santo Tomas is named. His faith and vision, a heritage treasured by Dominican Order in particular and the Catholic Church as a whole, illuminates and inspires UST Angelicum College as it strives for excellence in its own search for Truth.

The aqua blue crest of escutcheon carries an open book inscribed with the Latin word “Veritas”, which means Truth, It represents the search for all knowledge, especially of the Truth who is Jesus Christ as all knowledge begins and ends in God. The open book is between two Greek letters namely Alpha and Omega which represents how UST Angelicum College searches for the truth that begins and ends in God.

The symbols are set in gold on a field of light blue, to honor the Blessed Virgin Mary whose intercession we invoke in our quest for Truth. The cross, however, is in black and white that respectively symbolizes sacrifice and purity. Black and white are the Dominican colors and represents how UST Angelicum College is Dominican in all aspects. The Philippine Dominican Province gives de facto its full and unqualified support to the institution in its continuing search for Truth.

The banner encloses three Latin words which are: Caritas (Charity), Justitia (Justice) and Fortitudo (Fortitude). These three virtues are expected to be encompassed into all who pass through the portals of the school with the biggest hope for everyone shall have great love for God (the highest form of charity), a strong sense of justice, and an unyielding fortitude to surpass all odds in the service of God and thy neighbors.

Gold is the pre-dominant color of the seal. It emphasizes how UST Angelicum College aims to attain excellence in academic pursuit and its other endeavors, and in the refinement of each person as it passionately searches for Truth.