Home Study Program

“Flexible Access to Catholic Dominican Education”

About the Home Study Program

The UST Angelicum College Home Study Program (HSP) which was recognized by DEP-ED in 1996, follows the curriculum of the government, and caters to the academic needs of the learners who cannot be physically present in school on a regular basis due to athletic activities, employment, health conditions, and place of residence.

This alternative modality in the delivery of learning allows the learners to study in a nonconventional way, in a different setting and at their own pace and time, while addressing their special needs and various learning styles with the guidance of the subject matter expert facilitators assigned to teach in every subject.


The Senior High School Department envisions itself to create a quality learning environment that embraces innovative technology and excellent instructional rigor in order to develop capable, compassionate and confident life-long learners of an ever-evolving global community.


The Home Study Program commits itself to continuously offer modern and research-based instructional methods that uphold learners’ changing needs, give equal opportunity to the marginalized and provide access to a non-graded, formal and learner-centered quality education to its enrolled local and foreign-based learners.


The Home Study Program adheres, affirms, and practices the Vision, Mission, and goals of UST Angelicum College, and of the Basic Education Department guided by the institution’s core values of JUSTICE, CHARITY, FORTITUDE and TRUTH.

Thomasian Angelican S.E.A.L.

Features of the Program

Having a flexible learning station allows Thomasian Angelicans to choose their academic space. A full virtual class or a combination of virtual with 1 to 2 days of onsite consultation ensures efficient learning delivery.

Having a subject matter expert as a facilitator allows Thomasian Angelicans to get the best learning experience. A UST Angelicum facilitator is available to conduct regular discussions or module consultations so that learners can enjoy an authentic academic environment.

Having a reasonable tuition that covers only the essential infrastructure needed in a distance learning delivery allows Thomasian Angelicans to get maximum value for their enrollment. A maximized miscellaneous fee that is added to the basic tuition creates an optimized quality education.

Applicants to the Home Study Program, which covers the full Basic Education beginning from YS2 are assessed for level placement and fitness to the online distance learning academic delivery.

Admission to the Home Study Program is ongoing throughout the school year.